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My frog isnt eating

For the last 2 days my frog hasnt eaten.. what could be wrong and what can i do.

I don't know if your frog is still alive or not. They stop eating when the conditions in there tank is not right. If the humidity is too low they will stop eating, too many flies thrown on them they won't eat, if you watch them they will not eat. Mine use to wait till I left to eat. I would watch him from the side and see him eat when he thought I was gone. Also the frogs don't like it too cold or too hot. The best conditions are around 75 degrees with 80% humidity. If you have a all screen top try to buy a glass sheet customized to fit it. Glass places will cut them and sell it to you. If you don't have one near by I could get you one from over here.

When my frog started having problems not eating I bought a portable container or a big tupperware, put a papertowel on the bottom and sprayed it, put a small lid with water and thats it. The frog was happier then ever. And it lets you know if they have eaten or not because there are no holes for the flies to escape so it could only mean they ate it.

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