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Using Rainex, Antifog

I've read that you can use rainex on the front glass to prevent it from fogging as much, on the display tanks i market, I've used it for quite some times now, allowing at least 24 hours for it to fully dry before selling them, (just keep in mind its an option, NOT STANDARD) i personally don't do it to any of my cages. id like to know what you guys think about using it.


P.S. It wasn't my idea to use it, one of my retainers asked me to do it on his tanks.


Do you know what it is made of? Usually anything that is antifog consist of a nonpolar chemical. I would worry that this might be easily absorbed through the frogs skin.


That was my concern, so on the tanks i used it on i let it dry for 48 hrs before shipping them, my oldest tank with the rainex has had mantellas in it for almost 4 months now, and they aren't having any problems. Thanks for the input though, i myself would never use it on my tanks, id would just alter the top so there is airflow on the front glass, reducing the fogging.


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