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I want to breed Dart Frogs for profit

So what do you think is the most popular species on the market ?

You might want to look at other stuff besides which is most popular. Different dart frogs like different temperatures, types of aquariums, and also eat at different times. My frog's regular form eats between 6 am and 6 pm. I have the different color form that only eats in the evening. There are dart frogs which love to stay in the higher parts of the terrarium (aboreal ones) while there are ones that like to stay on the bottom. There are also ones which are very shy and easily stressed. My frog is one of the very shy ones (it took between 4 and 6 months for her to get used to me and I fed her every day and talked to her). There are ones that like people. You should first see what living conditions you have and the best type of dart frog that fits them. There are some dart frogs that only like two or three per tank or else they get territorial. Also, there's price, too after you see which would like the conditions you could give it. On the market, my frog goes for $75 a frog plus shipping. If you don't have the right conditions, then spending a lot of money on the frog only to have it die on you would be a shame for both the frog's sake and your bank account. I would say that you might want to start out with a dart frog species that is easy to create the right condition for, is not scared of people, and you can find an affordable supplier for.

D. azureus (blue) is a very popular frog, also many of the Tinc species are becomming more and more popular.

I think the tincs would be a good choice also. They are almost probably the most popular buy the number sold.

I would go for Blue Poison Dart Frogs (D. tinctorius "Azureus" morph)

They comand a decent price and every one wants them.
I am looking to get some now (I want adults). I have been looking all over the net and I am finding twice as wany "want adds" as I am "for sale adds" for Blue Poison Frogs.

I have finally found three (1 adult and 2 sub-adult) females for $150.00 shipped, and that is the cheapest price I have found yet.

If you want to breed PDFs for a profit, you are bound to get into trouble. Just my opinion. I have heard many a story of people buying up darts for breeding purposes just to have everything crash beneath them. I don't think that PDFs will ever yield a large profit as witnessed by the relatively small group of regular full time breeders. That being said I believe the most popular frogs relative to demand are the following thumbnails:

1. Lamasi ($150 range)
2. Fantasticus ($125 range)
3. Intermedius ($100 range)
4. Imitator ($75 range)
5. Vents ($50 range)
6. Pumilio ($125 range)
7. Reticulatus ($150 range)
8. Amazonicus ($125 range)

As far as the most popular frogs relative to supply, my list goes like this:

1. G & B Auratus ($30 range)
2. Leucomelas ($35 range)
3. Blue Azureus ($50 range)
4. Assorted Tincs ($50 - $100 range)

Interesting... even after all these years, the prices on this old post (2005) are not that much different from today.

Scott - North Dallas

If anything...the prices are now a tad bit LOWER. Slight proof of "conservation thru captive breeding".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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