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New to Frogs!

I was referred to this message board by a friend off of another message board, that one for marine fish.

I've recently come into possession of a tank that is designed for frogs. I've never tried any kind of frogs before and think it would be fun. I've been doing saltwater tanks for about 3-4 years, and really enjoy that.

My question is, what is a good frog to start off with? Nothing too hard, but fun, good personality, bright colors. I don't want anything too expensive, seeing as I'm going to school and my SW tank takes up most of my $$$.

Any help, suggestions or ideas would be wonderful. Oh, and the tank is a 10 gal. I know its small, maybe one or two frogs. But I'm just tinkering with this to see if I really like it before I get a larger setup. Thanks all!

hello and welcome to what i think is an amazing forum. there are lots of posts about beginner frogs, and i'll point out that there is a search function on this took me a while to find it, so don't think i'm being condescending! Big Grin so you can look at what others suggest, but i think it's fair to say that the most commonly reccomeded frogs for beginners are auratus and tinctorius. given that personality is one of your criteria, i say go for tincs....auratus hide a lot but tincs are quite gregarious and seem to associate you with food, versus being a threat. tincs are colorful, hardy, and easy to view and enjoy! lots of luck, and hopefully we'll see a lot more of you here.

Of course the auratus are the cheapest, but I'd have to agree and say go for the tincs or the leucs.

Welcome, you'll find a lot of dart keepers are also reefers, myself included.


Thanks for the advice. Know of any good online dealers to get frogs? I'll do a search on the forum and see what is said. I'll also do a google on the tincts.

KarneH- Like the pearly! :lol:

There are several really good ones out there, but my personal favorites would be:
Rich Frye on this board

There are a lot of other really good ones out there, but those are the ones I have personal knowledge of.

PS.......I love jawfish Big Grin

also definitely check out sean stewart's and saurian definitely rocks, and the frye brothers site is very nice and they are really helpful. and i'm not leaving out vivariumconcepts, i just haven't worked with them yet.

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