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Bri Bri magazine - only half in English ?

Are they all half german and english? Or is there one that is all English ?

I got the magazine today and after looking at it, I thought I messed up and ordered the German copy, but the other half of each page is English....Kinda surprised me.

it's half German - half English. At least the first one was.

I need the 2nd issue, if anyone wants to mail me one.....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

LOL.....Only got one copy of each.

Thanks bro, kinda caught me off guard I was like shit I spent $40+ for the bundle pack and I can't even read it.

I have 1 and 2 (ordered the bundle)

Both are half German - half English

Who did you guys order it thru ?

There's an awesome Dutch magazine that just printed a 100% English version. I have a few of the Dutch issues and they are VERY good, especially the pics.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I got it from Ben's jungle and also get the DN mag from the Netherlands....My copy #3 is lost in the mail so they are sending me another.....Sucks. I told them if I end up with both copies that I will donate $20 for their dart frog project.

Bought mine from their home page

GrandmasterTree Wrote:Bought mine from their home page

I did too......

More like a paperback book then a magazine.

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