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Need to stop glass from "fogging up"

Can anyone tell me how to stop the glass in my tank from fogging up ? There is so much humidity from the fogger that you can't even see through the glass. Maybe there is some kind of safe product that I can spray on the glass ? Thanks.

i use a small computer fan that i got at radioshack built a screen box for it and hung it inside my viv and just aimed it at the glass it works pretty good i have also heard of people using window defogger for a car they got out of jcwhitney for 30 bucks but i like the fan. good luck and happy frogging.

I first thought when I read you post was, do you happen to have any ventilation? A lot of people try and put vents right up front to help clear up the front of the tank.


I had that problem when I fist started as well. You should research and experiment you humidity needs of your frogs.
I use a hygrometer to check the humidity and I leave the front of the glass lid cracked open a bit to let cool fresh air come down the front pane.
You can usually tell if it's too dry for your frogs cause they'll hide in damper places in the tank.
If you use a fogger it really helps humidity at the lower levels even it it's not so humid up higher. good air flow helps as well

Hey, Steve... I have a question about using the CPU fan... The ones I've seen all just have wires sticking out of them with no readymade way to connect them to pawer source... How did you accomplish getting power to your fan?

Thanks in advance!


took a power pack from a cell phone charger and wired it togeather just match the volts and amps its been plugged in for a year 24 7 and still runs great.

Radio shack sells adjustable transformers. They run about 20 bucks. The advantage to this method of running power is the control of the fan speed. Need less ventilation because your humidity is to low. Lower the voltage going to the fan. Need more ventilation because the family is coming over and you want them to see in the viv, crank the voltage up. I have not set one up yet but i keep seeing computer power supples for real cheap some of them have built in fan control.

Heres a link to a diagram of the "dutch" way to keep the windows clear. I use this method for my BIG tank and it works like a charm. The only time there is fog is in the morning when the fans have been off all night long. I know i would not want anyone looking in my windows before work. 8) ... ation.html

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