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Awhatup dartden? So I am finally finished planting my first tank!!! I started it about 5 months ago. This site has been my bible the past 6 months. This stuff is addicting!!! Anywho, my broms came in last night from tropiflora, I got a 'blushing tiger and a 'java plum' They are both beautiful!! I almost feel like i should put another brom on the right side of the tank above the fern?! What do yall think? I dont want to over do it. Tell me what you think. What I can do to improve. Thanks!!!

[Image: IMG_0803.jpg]

'Blushing Tiger'
[Image: IMG_0793.jpg]

'Java Plum'
[Image: IMG_0795.jpg]

Should these be mounted or planted?
[Image: IMG_0784.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0785.jpg]
Very nice 1st viv ! Like it. You have some excellent "viv friendly" plants too. Sometimes the ferns can be finicky though.

Your Crypts / earth stars, should be planted on the ground in a not-too-wet area.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Lookin Good! Do you have any other pics to show the entire viv? decided on lights ? As if choosing a fav frog isnt hard enough, yeah, the broms have lots of coolness factor. What kind of frogs do you want? You might consider adding some coco huts - more hiding places will help your future frogs acclimate.

Welcome to Dart Den! Glad you made the plunge from lurker to poster.
Scott - North Dallas
That first picture is pretty much the whole tank. For lighting I have 3 cfl bulbs. 6500k. I have not decided on what frogs I want. Thats probably going to be the hardest part.

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