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The Current pumilio import fuss and fallout...
I have received a couple PM's and one email asking me "What's up ? Why is everyone so angry" One person is European and the language barrier may be in the way, at some point, but then I light of all the multiple posts, the main issue(s) gets diluted and confused, so here are the "Cliff notes" on why so many people are so upset:

1. In February 2012, a large import of Panamanian Oophaga pumilio were ordered and shipped to the U.S.

2. A large size shipment is uncommon - they only happen every so often, sometimes only once or twice every year.

3. A group of Hobbyist's banded together to pay for the shipment. Usually, a business, importer and jobbers buy the animals and they trickle into the hobby piecemeal, so this type of import is rare as well.

4. Steps were taken to try to obtain some semblance of locale or site specific locations for these frogs. This is also uncommon as most imports of pumilio are just "hey we got some frogs - here they are". If true, this is a huge step forward for the hobby - towards a future goal of sustainable harvest and import and locale information that the majority of the hobby craves.

Now, for what is disputed:

1. Some hobbyists wanted, desired, ordered certain frogs and quantities and they, for whatever reason, did not receive them.

2. Some hobbyists do not believe that there was any extra level of certainty for locales that was above and beyond any other shipment - making this large shipment "just the same as any other".

There it is folks. A big shipment of pumilio. Some undeniably gorgeous frogs. Some hurt feelings. Some thousands of dollars exchanged. Some marketing claims - both for and against the locale claims.

Again...I would NOT beat my head against a wall to deal with such a high degree of turmoil unless I was certain the hobby NEEDS to come out on top of this and it's just not gonna be "business as usual" ,here are some frogs, buy em or don't whatever.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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