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Proven Pairs and Adults PDF's plus others
Below is what I have available after the STL Show. Right now local pick-up only, due to this week highs being in the 90's but shipping maybe available next week. Pick-up can be arranged in Peoria or Bloomington/Normal, IL.

Adult Frogs

CB Saul Yellowback
Available: 1.0
Sean Stewart
Age: ?

CB Adult Leucomelas
Available: 0.0.3
Line: Nabors
Age: 12-16 months
Selling as a group $200

CB Adult Blue and Black Auratus
Available: possible 2.1, selling as unsexed due to not 100% on sex
Line: Nabors
Age: 12-24 months
Selling as group for $150

WC Pumilio
$500 a possible pair

CB Proven Adult Breeders

1.1 Cobalt Tincs
Patrick Nabors
Age: 4-5 yrs old
Price: $300

1.1 Powder Blue Tincs
Patrick Nabors
Age:3-4 yrs old

Geckos and other Herps
Proven P. Klemmeri pair $300

Gargoyle geckos $50 or take all three for $125

1.3 Russian Tortoise Group $400
This group has cycled and I have owned it for two years.

Again, here is no shipping at this time due to my temperatures this week. No trades at this time.

All possible pairs are not 100% sexed and educated guess based on characteristics and behavioral observations.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
If you are looking to pick-up I also have the following brand new glass!

(2) 40g Breeders Aqueon $50 each
(2) 20g Long Aqueon $30 each or take both for $50
(1) Exo Terra Turtle Tank $75
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems

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