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First culture arrived of Melanogaster, quick question
Hey I just recieved my first FF culture from Josh's Frogs and was going to split it into two right away. I am planning on getting 4 leucs for my 24x18x24 and am hoping 2 sets of cultures going will be enough. I was just wondering if I should wait a couple days before splitting because it seems there are around only 50 flies in the culture I got? I do see larvae crawling around also. There is no date on it as well so should I assume it is like a week old before I slap a date on it? If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated! Thx Dan
for 4 leucs...2 cultures of melanogaster should be good. I would try to make at least one fresh culture a week or 2 weeks at the latest -and IF you can remember (that's why I stick to every single Sunday).

You could tap out @ 1/2 of those flies to seed a brand new culture -sure...especially since you see maggots in "Josh" cx.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Cool thx for the quick reply Phil! Yea I'm doing sunday as my day as well, because thats when I've been feeding my springs so far. I just meant if I split my first culture here into two, and then make new cultures off of those every week, if that will be enough. I read up on all the culturing habbits, just wasn't sure if I should wait for more flies to emerge.
You never want to use 'brand new' flies - what is referred to as the 'first emergence" ....always wait an extra few days when using flies from an existing cx to make a new one.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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