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Negative effects from preventing breeding?
My question is pretty much the exact topic.

Is there any negative effects of preventing the frogs from breeding by removing breeding sites?

The reason i ask is because i simply want to enjoy my frogs without the hassle of dealing with froglets (separate enclosures, transporting them, selling them, over crowded tanks, ect). I am planning on making two more vivariums. One viv for leucs and one for tincs. The leucs i would like to have a group but i do not want babies. Is it okay to not give them breeding sites? I suppose i could try for all males, and in reality i would prefer that but i feel like it may be hard to buy and introduce 2 males at the same time. As for the tinc viv i plan on just picking up one male alone.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!


PS i did a search for this topic and couldnt find anything.. if someone could direct me to a thread i would be glad to read that.
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Like you said, having all the same sex frogs would be easiest, but removing breeding sites won't help all that much IMO. They will find a way to breed and raise the eggs. I would add a cocohut and dish. Generally they will lay there and you can simply cull the eggs. No deposition sites (water) will help too.

Yep...frogs WILL find a way to breed eventually. That's why mixing species and morphs is such a volatile topic.

There are instances of egg-bound females dying, but that is more or less with a fully started breeding pair and then shutting them down. Other than that, there are no ill-effects from NOT having your frogs breed. It won't affect their life and happiness for instance. Health-wise, they will all be fine..all males, or all females.

I would just get a group of leucs or tincs and provide a couple cocohuts with lids under them and like Glenn says, diligently check them and just cull the eggs.

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