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Live moss - Where can I get it ?

I've checked around at 3 different online stores and all seem to be out of live moss Sad Can anyone provide me with a link of a store that has some in stock? Thank you very much.

remember to always check your local nurseries. Locals need your business too.

thats my rant good luck with your search

Just got some Tropical pillow moss from a dart frogger off Ebay. I believe he grows it himself. GO here

my wifes a garden fanatic, so i asked her to pick some up from the nursery and she came home with 6 4"pots of it, it works great and spreads rapidly. good hunting !

hey , i have some friends selling spagnum moss left over from frogday. i bought a bag and i love it.


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i bought live "tropical pillow moss" from the last rep show here in FL. the name of the place is wholesale vivarium supply. they call it "live frog moss" $15 gets you enough moss to almost completely cover a horizontal 20 gallon long tank. nice and lush green.

i called them today because i couldnt find a website for them. he told me they would have a site up sometime late nov. (

in the mean time, i have their number. you can order from them that way. PM if interested.

I just moved from California to Oregon. Every park around my house is full of moss. I used to buy it from locals and trade shows, now I just go weekends to the park. I've found about four different varieties. I put two species in plastic grocery bags, tied it closed, and left in the dark as a test. None of it died...four weeks later. Some moss loses its color and dries brown. Not this stuff. If anyone is interested I would like to supplement the costs of building my Vivarium...running misters and 48" florescent lighting. Not cheap by any means. Just a thought for those of you out there who, like me, searched every where for moss.

how do you harvest your moss? Do you scrape it off rock or take clumps with dirt? just curious as I too have lots of moss nearby.

Hey Boyer,
Can you post some pics of the different ver. of moss you have available? And also, how much for how much?

I can't post pics; I don't own a camera. As far as harvesting the moss, depends upon the host that supports the moss. The moss I encounter the most requires no soil; that is to say the moss is found anchored to rocks and tree bark. The moss found anchored in soil is a brighter green and is referred to by many as pillow moss (very short cropped) but my experience with this moss is that it browns easily.
Another type of moss that's readily available is tree moss. Great looking stuff that grows on branches and bark with longer hairs. I'll work on getting pics. Maybe Santa will surprise me!
As far as cost, until I can get pics and weights just cover the cost of shipping and a finder's fee (I send my kids out to harvest as I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident) I can fill a 50 gallon tank bottom for $20.00. I also throw in awesome branches draped in Linchins and moss. As a Vivarium enthusiast over the years anyone knows that is a generous deal.
Hope I answered all your questions, and if not just respond. I'm glad to provide a service for the Vivarium community.
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JadedRapport Wrote:I've checked around at 3 different online stores and all seem to be out of live moss :( Can anyone provide me with a link of a store that has some in stock? Thank you very much.

We have bought live tropical moss from the Eastbay vivarium in Berkeley, CA. Give em a call.
maybe you can have a road trip?

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