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beginner many things to learn...

Was inspecting some viv's tonight. Saw my pumilio Cristobol pair sitting mid tank, right beside each other, on a big leaf up high, just under the glass top. I thought "Awesome!, I can get a neat pic, because the pair is fairly shy."

So I lift lid, about to point Iphone at the pair and they scamper away...allowing me to see the three eggs they were sitting on...facepalm...

All my frogs are in a low traffic area. Some are bolder than others. The Cristo pair have been fairly sneaky. I have heard calling on several occasions the last couple weeks.

They three eggs look good. Am going to just hope I didn't screw up their mojo too much, and if these are failures, they should lay again.

It's hard to contain the excitement sometimes when you get a nice photo op...but the lesson here...

...they were sitting in close proximity for a reason.

This hobby rewards me with something new almost every day.

I had a problem similar to that as well. I caught my imitator transporting a tad and when I went to get a wicked photo it lunged at me and train wrecked the whole way down the 55 vert I had setup with the tad on its back! I was fortunate enough that my stepson has good eyes because he spotted the tadpole in a little nook in the leaf litter and we were able to deposit it in the film can that daddy had been headed towards. The tad survived and successfully morphed out into the froglet now known in the house as "Lucky". Lucky seems to be developing just fine with its other siblings but if it ever starts to act "a little slow", I might have to break the bad news to it that its daddy dropped it when it was little =P I know that exact facepalm feeling you're describing!


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