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Pictures of you setup?
a submission from the ladies.. .
here are pics of my new 29g tank that i put together about 2 weeks ago. the pics are not the greatest quality, so bear with me (my digital camera has seen its better day ). i have pics of my final outcome and one revision (one plant had to be moved and one added) along with some pics of my frogs exploring their new domain. yes, there was lots of dart toe twitching that day! they seem to love it so far and have been very active. i will try to get some better pics soon and post them here or in my album.

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1.1.1 Hawaiian Auratus (reticulated), 1.2.2 Leucomelas, 3.2.1 Cobalt Tincs, 1.0.0 Kauluha & Creme / Camo Auratus, 2.0.1 Yelloback Tincs, 0.0.4 Azureus, 1.1.0 Spotted Auratus
troy Wrote:hi mike,
yes it would be alot work to hand mist. thats why i am soo very thankful i have a misting, and fogging system.
my misting system is once again hand built. i have it plumed into my house. we have a private well so i don't have to worry about any chemicels. i do have a giant filter, and a smaller one at each cage.
i use sprinkler valves, and a spinkler controller. i have it set to go off three times a day for about 4 mins each time.
all the cages have drains that are plumed into my house and it drains out to my septic.
so, i don't have bottles to empty or fill, and i don't have to get into the cages unless to feed and clean. i know i may sound lazy. but, less work means more time to spend enjoying the frogs or talking to friends on dart den or other places. also here is a pic of the inside of one of my pumilio cages
[Image: normal_HPIM0011.JPG]

Hi troy,

Have you had any luck breeding those bastis?

If yes would you mind sharing the temp of your set up water and humidity conditions?
Ps: really like your set up.

I have a tons of ics but I dont no how to get them on the den. any help?
It say that the pictures are too big
Here is a pic of one of my tanks. It is a false-bottom, 18gal High with a coco fiber background. There is a little pond just off the picture's edge. I will probably add some vents in the next month or so...

The picture quality is very bad but you get the idea Big Grin

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E. anthonyi, D. imitator, C. azureiventris, D. amazonicus, D. lamasi (pan & pan gl), P. aurotaenia, D. variabilis, D. quinquevittatus, D. reticulatus, D. matecho, D. pumilio cauchero & escudos
Here is a pic of my viv
I believe I have posted htis in another thread, but here goes nothing, again Big Grin . Enjoy

75 gallon waiting for a colony of ventrimaculatus (much fuller already than the pic, and it is only a few weeks running)
[Image: DSC00079.JPG]

Ed Parker
Also new to Pdfs

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i really need a new camera....

:x Sad



115gl awaiting several leucs.


Here is my show tank set up. It is custom made 4' long x 3' highx 2' deep. I had to stich the two images together in photoshop because my camera couldn't fit the whole tank from where I was standing in my room. Thats why it is sort of blurry in the middle. It opens up cabinet style and it has a false bottom set up with a drilled bottom and a sump tank underneath, waterfall, rain system lighting and tempetaure all controlled by computer. I introduced a colony of earthworms into the tank to eat all of the frog waste and also to take care of any other inverts that may be harmful. So I only have to wipe down the glass once in a while and feed. Currently has 1 costa Rican D. auratus, 1 D. azureus, 2 D. leucomelas and soon to arrive 4 hawaiian D. auratus. It has grown in much thicker and more lush since the picture, I will post a new pic as soon as I take it. Hope you all like it

Well it is not finished but here is a pic of my work in progress more can be found in this thread

[Image: temp003.jpg]

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