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Waterfall Construction

Has anyone here constructed a waterfall within their vivarium? If so, I need help. I need to know how to put a waterfall together. Thanks.

Here are a couple of links that should help you get going:

The Black Jungle link has some really good vivarium tips on construction, molding, and tubing. I have also seen at some hobby stores the little pumps for water fountains on cakes. You can fit these with air line tubing for the fish tanks. There are also many small pumps available. The big thing to remember is a false bottom.... but most vivariums if not all should have these. Organic material should almost never be standing in still water. --Corey

I have a water fall in both of my tanks and only one has a false bottom (which is not complete). I agree that they are helpful for water flow but I dont know that it is necessary to have a false bottom. I have lots of live plants in both of my tanks which work great for nutrient export from the tank, you just need a fast growing plant. If you are going to put in a water fall try to make a stream that carrys the water away from the base of the fall. This will allow for better circulation of the water though the tank.


DartFrog, I do think you have to be careful when it comes to still water. With a water fall, there is movement and air circulation. But if you have any pools ((puddles)) of water just standing,, these will surely go sour after a bit of time.


I agree with that, that is why I suggested the stream. I do have a pool in both of my tanks and the flow through it is not obvious but there is decent flow back under the rocks to the pump. It is that flow through the rocks and plant roots that allows for much of the waste in the water to either be broken down by bacteria on the rock surface or taken up into the plant roots as food and made into leaves. I have to constantly trim back my plants as they grow. I did do frequent water changes in my tanks when they were new until a decent root system took hold and the plant growth took off.

The only maintance I do in my tanks is add water and keep the glass clean. I do have good flow in the tank.


Alright thanks

excellent advice --- the balckforest link is wonderful ! Smile

I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. Let me start by saying I love this site! I was up until 3 am reading and gathering information from your posts! That blackjungle link was a big help! I stumbled across this looking for information on raising and breeding dart frogs because I'm planning a herp room in my spare bedroom. (My husband is a saint) I already own a pacman, 2 firebellies, a squirrel tree frog, 2 southern leopard frogs and an american toad. My house is being taken over by aquariums and its time for them to all have a room to themselves! Any suggestions that can be offered will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to many more late nights spent browsing this site. Big Grin

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