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frog meets and gatherings

Here are a few thoughts:
These need to be supported by the frog community and vendors that are selling to the frog community.
Many things are accomplished: knowing who is in the area, hey ffys crash and others will help locally, plus answering questions seeing frog rooms etc. All questions are answered face to face and knowledge is shared without bias. Some frogs may be sold or traded but IME it's typically a gathering of individuals with darts having a good time meeting and greeting. These are really important to the hobby and should be encouraged by other areas, states. While I would love to attend Frog Day or Microcosm it is not feasible for most of us.
Their are specific vendors that are willing to pay it forward to these events and those that do not.
My thoughts are why not?
What are the ramifications in the long run?
Rant over. Smile


You know my take on local Frog meets Beth. We just had a Monster meet near Baltimore MD attended by about 40 people -some drove 4-5 hours one way! There was a big auction where at least 20 rare to uncommon plants were donated by hobbyists and were bought by same for only 2-3 dollars each!! There were FREE frogs given away. FREEE tadpoles. FREE supplements, FREE feeder insects. Donated BEER and food. It was an awesome time, always is.

Mark P. in Sarasota FL does the same thing. 20 or so people. Pizza. Trip THREE MILES DOWN THE ROAD TO TROPIFLORA.

If the big business guys can't or won't ante up or participate...well....we can't make em. I'm grateful to JL Exotics for actually BUYING A BANNER AD here on Dart Den and helping me keep the lights on.

In addition to Frog meets, I'd LOVE to see more participation here on the Forum (Fuck Facebook) in the way of builds, photos ect, heck anything. I can't remember the last time you posted a build, full tank shot or frog pic.

The point is, you are right. We need more participation, all around.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Another pet peeve. There was a 'well known' plant 'broker' at Scott's meet. EVERY meet that I go to, I make SURE to give the host something nice and personal. Plants, Microfauna and this last time, a large jar of Dendrocare. The 'plant dealer' was indeed informed by me of my personal policy and he acknowledged this with a mumble of sorts and I waited. I waited to see if he gave the host any of his 30-40 odd clippings and plants that he brought. It doesn't 100% mean he didn't, but I did NOT see him gift the host.

NOW auction items are different. Somehow there is a huge push for auctions at EVERY function and money going to Tersoros ect. Again...I sure HOPE the money is getting to them.

End rant.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

We hold 3-5 meets a year here in Southern California. Often times it is attended by people from Las Vegas (a 4 hr. drive) and further. It seems that the people in our group all think a lot like Phil when it comes to the host. Everyone is very open with gifts, donations and more than fair prices on everything from frogs to bugs. We also try and hold an auction at a few meets a year. We do a live auction (Myself and 1 other got to be the auctioneer this last time!) and will drop prices to whatever it takes to make sure all the donated items get purchased and then we make an announcement imediately so everyone knows how much was raised. the host of the meet then makes his donation to the organization we had voted on and posts the acknowledgement on the boards or FB for everyone to see that it went where it was supposed to go. It's worked well so far. We typically will all pitch in and bring food, soda, beer, anything to support the meet so the host isn't stuck with a large financial burden. Often times new comers show up and are blown away by seeing 50+ people with the same hobby all hanging out. 99% of the time they come to the next one! They are great for getting to know your fellow hobbiests. In our area, all the retailers that are dart frog specific tend to show up and support the group. Jungle Box, Verdant Vivariums, we have even had local pet store owners come to see the meet.

BTW, Not only does J-L Exotics support the forum with his banner but he also attends all the Northern California meets and is very involved with the local hobbiests. I have attended a couple of them, always a good time as well.

I agree that these meets are imnportant to keep our hobby strong and united. I would not be the frogger I am today without the support and knowledge of my local community.

Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,

Testify my brother!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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