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How many plants?

I was looking at some pictures of plants that I was thinking of getting.

But how do you know how many to get?
Is there a plant per gal or per floor space rule?
I got some drawings and plans for what I want to build, I guess I could place my plants with estimated size on it.
What do you guys do?
Right now I think of getting around 30 plants for 90 gallon.
What did you guys do for your first viv?



There is almost no such thing as too many unless you are literally planting them on top of each other. When they grow in or get big...well, that's what shears are for.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

The art of planting is definitely something that is acquired through experience and getting to know individual species and their needs/qualities. I know when I first started, I would look around at tanks that I liked to get an idea of different species being used and how they grow. I'm in the camp of "you can never have too many plants in a tank", but there are many species that I want to grow and only have so many tanks to put them in. There are members who sell plant packages of terrarium suitable species and many will cater to an individual's wants/needs. That's one way that you can get a quick "tankful" of species.

Overall, I think the best advice you can get for something like this is to find some tanks or areas within tanks and try to emulate them. That's the only real way for someone to personally get a feel for proper planting.


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