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10 gal vert construction journal

Alright, I'm in the mood for speed posting, so I'm just gonna post the pictures, then throw little tidbits in at the end. Here it goes...

[Image: 1Bedding.JPG]

[Image: 2palmtreebarkbackground.JPG]

[Image: 3gsbackground.JPG]
[Image: 4backgroundwithbedding.JPG]
[Image: 5backgroundwithbedding.JPG]
[Image: 6gravelandpool.JPG]
[Image: 7mesh.JPG]
[Image: 8mesh.JPG]
[Image: 9groundbedding.JPG]
[Image: 10planted.JPG]
[Image: 11planted.JPG]
[Image: 12pond.JPG]
[Image: imis.JPG]

And the moneyshot!
[Image: moneyshot.jpg]

The wood for the background is Palm Tree Bark. I thought I'd give it a try. All this was collected on the ground near a palm tree or ripped off a palm tree if it was already at least 90% hanging off.

The broms are from Walmart. They only have a few at each store. I think they are some sort of Neo. They run about $7 each and you usually get a main plant and a pup. This tank is planted with 2.5 of the broms from Walmart. They all had pups.

The green goey stuff in the pond is this spongy/slimy algae that I collected while collecting the Liverwort. It has springtails all over it. The Liverwort has lots of little Isopods too!

The "Moneyshot" is a shot of all 3 of my 10 gal verts. From right to left they are in order of creation. As you can see, I changed a couple of things in each version.

The left and middle viv have nothing in them. Hopefully some Bastis/Intermedius/Fants will find their way into one of them... :mrgreen:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Can you post a close up pic of the hinges, please? I would like to set up a 10 or 15 vert and need some insight on the door. Oh, also, glass or plexi?

Heh... you don't wanna see close ups of those hinges... Sad They are ghetto! I just went to Lowes and wormed around their hinges and found something that "almost" worked. The doors are glass.

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