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Water in the tank

Can the water ever be too much in the tank? I am building the false bottom in the tank. There will be a few inches of water in the bottom. I am putting in a waterfall. At the bottom of the water fall is going to be a basin to catch the water, which then was going to run into a little stream that would end in another pool (the false bottom) so that it could be recycled to the top of the waterfall to start all over again. I know the substrate isn't suppose to be wet all times, hopefully with the false bottom that won't be a problem. I was woundering if the water features I am planning will be too much?? Its a 45 gallon bow front tank. I was also going to purchase a mister from big apple the one they make for 109. for the misting unit. Will I even need a mister with the water features I am all ready planning?? Thanks in advance for any help!

as long as the soil isen't constantly saturated, it should be fine.

be sure to post some pics of it all.

I will post some pics when I get further along in the development of things. I took a few pics the other day but they are nothing special at the moment. I have a really nice digital camera that I haven't taken much time to learn to use and I have had the thing for almost two years now. But it takes awesome pictures considering I don't know much of what I am doing. I had to take some pictures of the front yard and figured I had it out all ready so why not snap a few of the tank and some of the stuff I got to use in it. Have you posted any pics?? I am always looking at others pics to see how they worked some of the stuff out for thier tanks.

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